Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Christmas 2013

Every Christmas I can't get over how big my kids are getting!!! Some days it feels like I just had them.  And, every year it seems that Christmas time gets so busy that I don't get to enjoy it.  Time really does go by so fast and as I look at these pictures, I realize, pretty soon these kiddos aren't going to be as excited for Santa as they are now.  So, I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. 

Once again, the boys got spoiled to death by us and their grandparents!  They each got a Nook HD from us and some other fun toys.  They got so much that Talan still hadn't opened a Lego set by they time they started back at school!  I wish they knew how lucky they are!  

Jarrad spoiled me with a gift certificate for a spa day and I got him some cologne.  I know, he definitely got ripped off compared to me. I always tell him to not spend much money on me and he never listens!  I guess there could be worse things in life. :)

Happy 37th Birthday Jarrad!!

Happy Birthday Jarrad!!!
On November 18th, Jarrad turned the big 37!  We celebrated with caramel pie as usual, since Jarrad doesn't really care for cake.  And, his big present this year was a nice remote control WRX.  Too bad the weather has been horrible, he really hasn't gotten to play with it much.

Happy Birthday!!! :)

House Problems....

This past fall was a challenging time for the Asay family.  It all started with our master bathroom window leaking.  I'd noticed the past couple of years a moldy smell in our master bathroom.  I thought it might be because our exhaust fan wasn't working correctly and didn't think much of it.  Then, this past fall water started leaking through the window and down our drywall in the bathroom.  So, since Jarrad and I have always hated our bathroom windows we thought this would be a good time to get them replaced.  And, while we were at it, we decided to put new shake on our house.

We ended up getting a quote and were on our way to start the project when our contractor noticed water damage.  He said, we would need to tear off some stone to see the extent of the damage....

We were not prepared to see the pictures below!!!!

This is the top part of our garage

This is the front of our house where are bathroom is...

 This picture was after they re-framed and put all new osb up 
 Now it's getting the stone put back on

The final product

Basically, we ended up having to tear off the whole front part of our house and re do it!  All because the builders who built our house didn't seal around the flashing.  We would've went after the builders, but they were out of business...go figure.  It was quite a mess and super stressful and expensive, but I LOVE the new look!! 

And, while we were dealing with this crazy mess, we found out that our renter who was supposed to buy our house in Indy decided to bail out and gave us a months notice! Talk about stressful!  We were blessed enough to get it sold in a month, but took a huge loss on it.  In the end, everything worked out and we feel so very blessed that it did.

Saying goodbye to our Trex

This past fall, we had to say good bye to our Trex Allen.  Jarrad and I got Trex as a puppy a few months after we were married.  We basically have had him our whole marriage and the kids grew up with him.  He was 14 years old and was in a lot of pain.  He was mostly blind and then lost control of his bladder.  So, we made the tough decision to put him to sleep. It was a rough time for our family, but we didn't want him to suffer anymore.

He was such a smart, ornery dog.  He loved sniffing out scents in the yard and chewing on bones and let's not forget digging in trash. :)  We miss you Trex and love you!

Halloween time

This fall we continued our tradition of going to the same pumpkin patch we've went to every year since we moved to Warsaw.  It never disappoints, and the kids have a great time.  Although, as much as they like going to the pumpkin patch, I think carving their pumpkins is their favorite.  They did a great job! Just a little help from Mom and Dad. ;) 

For Halloween this year, Jayden was Boba Fett, Talan was the grim reaper and Kylen was Spiderman! And, Doug was Batdog...he liked going trick or treating this year.

Ky's bat pumpkin

Talan's scary pumpkin

Jayden's cyclops pumpkin

Soccer Time!!!

While Jayden was playing soccer for his school, the other boys were also tearing it up playing soccer for the YMCA!  The boys do well at other sports, but they all seem to excel at soccer. :) While it is completely hectic to have three boys in sports, it is so fun to watch them play.  Kylen is on the black team and Talan is on the grey team.

Kylen showing off. :)

 I love this pic of Ky
 Look at T man go!

I think he played hard, what do you think? 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Jayden made the Madison soccer team!!!

Jayden made the Madison soccer team this year and he was so happy in proud of himself.  He tried out last year as a 4th grader and didn't make it.  We told him to keep practicing and to try out again in 5th grade. So, needless to say he was super happy to make it.  He played defender and midfield most of the season and did a great job!  Way to go Jayden!!!